Kittens Found in Truck – Day Old Kittens | Helen Woodward Animal Center

Kitten Season in San Diego – Help Kittens Today

These six kittens were found abandoned!

This little kitten, along with five other brothers and sisters, was found abandoned in a construction truck that had driven to Helen Woodward Animal Center from Vista, California. There was no mother-cat in sight and no one knows how these kittens got into the back of a construction truck. Sadly, we think these kittens were abandoned in that truck on purpose.

Good news for these little kittens, though! A volunteer foster family came through and agreed to bottle-feed and care for this special litter. We’re received word that they are doing great and keep growing and growing. Keep an eye out for them at our Cat Adoption Page!

There are two ways you can help care for abandoned kittens like these:

Become a Foster Hero  |  Donate to help abandoned kittens in need today

See a photo gallery of the kittens

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