Post Office Puppies – Boxer Puppies | Helen Woodward Animal Center

Special Delivery: Puppies Left at Post Office!

Our Ken-Barky Derby Winners: From Rags to Riches

You may remember Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Ken-Barky Derby race held earlier this month. But did you know that our trio of winners, Went The Day Well, Union Rags, and Rousing Sermon, were all abandoned at a United States Post Office? The three Ken-Barky Derby winners, plus three other siblings, were found abandoned in a cardboard box outside an Arizona Post Office. Well, temperatures in Arizona have been heating up! Those puppies had been in real trouble!

Thankfully, a Good Samaritan rescued them that day, but no room could be found for them with any rescue in Arizona. Every rescue they contacted was full! Our rescue partner heard of their plight and called Helen Woodward Animal Center to see if we had room for this precious litter. We just couldn’t turn down those faces, so we made room for this beautiful litter of Boxer blend puppies. Soon thereafter, the litter was transferred to Helen Woodward Animal Center.

Some photos of the puppies when they arrived:

Ironically, some tiny, feathered hitchhikers needed rescue that day, too!

Little did those Boxer puppies know what great, big stars they would be! Three of the puppies would be the top racers in our first annual Ken-Barky Derby.

All of these puppies found safe and loving forever families! Thank you to their new families for giving them such great homes.

Giving as little as $5 can save a life. Consider a life-giving donation today. 


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