Baby Bird Rescue – House Sparrow Rescue | Helen Woodward Animal Center

Baby Bird Rescue – House Sparrow Rescue | Helen Woodward Animal Center

Just taking a little peep inside…

Helen Woodward Animal Center got a little more than bargained for from yesterday’s rescued dog transport from Arizona. A house sparrow mother had made her nest in the wheel well underneath our Arizona rescue partner’s van and chirping in that nest were four baby birds.

We knew something was amiss when Holly, a staff member at Helen Woodward Animal Center, started to hear the chirps while taking orphaned dogs from our partner’s van. She investigated and learned that the chirps and peeps were coming from underneath the van. That meant that whoever was underneath rode the entire day on freeways from Arizona to California!

Holly quickly called the Maintenance Department so the wheel could be unattached and Holly could investigate who exactly was peeping and chirping from underneath the van. Maintenance Department to the rescue! Holly discovered that four baby birds were huddled in the wheel well of the van in a nest made of wildflowers, feathers and duct tape.

After the rescue, staff members became concerned as there was no mother-bird to be found. Brittany, the Animal Care Supervisor said, “The van left Arizona early that morning so they had been all day without food, water, and their mother. I wanted to get them help as soon as possible. They had enough feathers to flutter about a bit, but they couldn’t quite fly or take care of themselves yet.”

Unfortunately, Helen Woodward Animal Center does not have the resources to provide the specialized care that baby birds need. Brittany researched and found another organization that specialized in wild animal rehabilitation nearby. And to be sure they would be safe – she even drove them there herself.

We often thank our volunteers for their passionate service to our orphaned animals, but we also are appreciative of the staff at Helen Woodward Animal Center. They are passionate about making our community and our world a more humane place for pets, people… and wild animals, too! We are proud of those staff members for going the extra mile to help animals in need.

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