A Puppy for Christmas – Adoptable puppy story at Helen Woodward Animal Center

A Puppy for Christmas – Adoptable puppy story at Helen Woodward Animal Center

True love had another idea about which puppy this family would next adopt

It has nearly been four years since my German Shepherds passed.  Since that time, I have been surrounded by my partner’s Jack Russell Terrier, Jasper, who I have come to love and enjoy very much!  Despite the love and joy I receive from Jasper, I have been yearning for a canine of a bigger breed.

Of course, my sights were set on adopting a German Shepherd puppy! Unfortunately, my partner was not too keen on that idea. I was researching breeders, and rescues, even met with a breeder and had my sights set on a specific pup.

Unfortunately, too much time had passed before I could eventually get my partner to agree to see the puppy. She had already been adopted into another family.

My partner had mentioned eyeing some puppies on the Helen Woodward Animal Center website that were “German Shepherd Blends.” I had heard of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, but had never visited the site.  Therefore, my curiosity got the best of me and I paid a visit.

How did Snowcone charm his new forever family? And see his adorable adoption photo that was on Helen Woodward Animal Center’s website!

I was impressed with the sincerity of the staff and the cleanliness of the facilities. I managed to come across two puppies, one black with white boots and the other with a light blonde coat and golden spots scattered on her body.  I took a video of them together as they put on a show for me!

I showed the video footage of the puppies to my partner, and she seemed to have a sincere interest in the lighter colored pup.  We were leaving for New York City for Thanksgiving weekend, to return late Sunday night. We came to an agreement that I would return to the Center and inquire about adopting her if she was still available. Thanks to Helen Woodward’s real-time updated website regarding available dogs for adoption, we were able to track this puppy over the weekend.  As we expected, the puppy was adopted sometime over the weekend.   She was too darn cute to pass up!!!

Snowcone/Koda’s adoption website photo that caught this family’s eye.

On Monday, my partner sent me a link to Helen Woodward’s website and asked me what I thought of the puppy “Snowcone.” Oh my goodness, I have to admit, his photo was so cute!!!  I pondered his photo and looked over his bio several times during my shift.

Also, of note, and most impressive and touching for me, was the President’s Michael Arms bio and his promise to see to it that animals are taken care of.  These elements combined seemed to have some kind of pull on me.  It was then, that I decided when I got home in the morning, I would rest a few hours, so that I could make it for opening hour at the Center in hopes to meet Snowcone, and perhaps bring a puppy home!

I arrived at the Center about twenty minutes prior to opening time.  I waited patiently outside being entertained by the cats in the window. When I entered, I immediately made it clear as to why I came to the Center.  The lady gave a big smile, and said, “Oh yes, Snowcone!  He is a cutie!”

As we rounded the corner approaching Snowcone’s kennel, there he sat at the edge looking our way.  His big white chest, and white sock paws, and brown colored fur was a sight to see!  I remember feeling the internal buzz of excitement about seeing him.  We entered the kennel for me to get a chance to visit with him.  He shied away a bit, as would be expected, then slowly made an attempt at sniffing my hand.

Oh my gosh, he had the most beautiful green eyes, that when photographed, appear blue!  I was hooked!  I expressed my desire to adopt him, and soon after, the process was underway! I felt truly blessed to be the one adopting him.

Present during the process, was his foster mom. She cautiously observed and sized me up, only hoping that Snowcone was going home to good people.  Fortunately, I won her approval, and to this day, we keep her posted on his progress!

Snowcone was on his way to a new home.  He yelped a couple of times in the car ride home, as he was leaving his only known security.  Once I got him home, I took him into the backyard, where he immediately ran and rolled in the grass and settled to lying there happily chewing on the grass. Jasper inched his way over to make sense of what was going on with this puppy in his yard!  Jasper’s life, and for that matter ours too, changed for the better, that day!

After getting acquainted with Snowcone, my partner and I decided that even though the name given to him by the Center was cute and seasonal, we wanted to change it. This was because at the end of his brown tail was a white tip. The word “Coda” refers to the end of a piece of music.  Which ironically is how our hearts felt (filled with music) in regards to our new addition!  So we named him “Koda!”

Because of the Helen Woodward Center’s care and foster care, we felt this strongly reflected in Koda’s character! He is such a sweet and gentle puppy, who has been easy to train and has easily integrated into family life with us and Jasper!  With that said, I would like to share the rest of the story,  as told by Koda in his Christmas card:

Koda and his new brother, Jasper!

Even though our lives together are in the beginning stages; in such a short time, I have much to be thankful for! 

The day [my family] came to see me, I was sitting up bright and tall, showing off my big white chest and white sock paws.  I gave a bark at her as she was walking towards the kennel with the escort. She knelt down and spoke in a sweet tone that prompted me to tilt my head ever so slightly with my ears up and out, only to give the cutest pose of attention!

When I got to my new home, Mommy Deb took me right to the yard where I excitedly ran, played, and laid in the grass! I felt so welcomed and at home.  My new kennel and bed and toys made it known I was welcomed and yearned for. 

I also really like Jasper!  He’s fun to tease and throw my body into!  If only he would just lighten up!  I know he’s the older and wiser one.  Also, he’s not sure about me being a part of the pack.  But, I will persist!

 Thank you for being brave and willing to open your heart and home to me.  I will promise to be a good and loyal pet and friend.  My other duty will be to serve and protect the family.  I may not be perfect but, I am trainable and with your teachings and patience, I will always strive to please!  Much licks and tail wagging to you!  Thanks for celebrating me home!



December, 2011


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