Puppy Baseball Players at Spring Training 2012

Puppy Baseball Players for San Diego Padres?

No south-paws only “four-paws” at tail-wagging Spring Training!

Spring Training has come a little early to Helen Woodward Animal Center.  With 50 available puppies, the race to get to “home base” has never had more meaning.  The cuddly team of pups, each named after a San Diego Padre, was treated to some early training basics by Pet Expert Rob Kuty from San Diego Pet Training in hopes that each will make the final cut in finding a forever family.

“Every day provides a unique set of circumstances,” said Bruce Kerschner, Adoption Service Manager at Helen Woodward Animal Center. “I’ve seen tragic stories and amazing rescues.  It’s the sheer number of puppies available at this one time that is truly surprising to all of us here at the Center.  It just increases the need for open hearts and available homes.  We all really want these little guys to find a good place in the world.”

Rob Kuty, a devoted volunteer and the official animal trainer at the Helen Woodward Animal Center, was on-hand to provide baseball-themed puppy training tips to potential adopters of the puppies (named Ozzie, Gwynn, Randy, Trevor, Winfield, Peavy, and Adrian, after famous hometown players).  On Tuesday, his work was entirely focused on aiding in the placement of the extraordinarily large number of available puppies at the Center. 

Ricki Douglas, of Ricki Douglas Photography was there to capture the adorable event on camera and Amy Dampier, of Muttropolis, was happy to supply each puppy a stylish canine Padres jersey for the Spring Training Event.  Muttropolis (a design-driven and functionally-focused dog and cat supply store with three southern-California locations) and Douglas have been long-time supporters of Helen Woodward Animal Center and overall efforts to increase pet adoptions.  Muttropolis regularly holds Pet Adoption Events at their multiple store locations and Douglas snaps weekly photos of available animals to aid in their placement.  “Saving lives takes teamwork,” stated Dampier.  “We’re happy to do whatever we can to help them find forever homes.”

Baseball season will soon be upon us and will come to end just as quickly.  By adopting one of these cuddly canine companions, the opportunity to “play ball” will last all year long.


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