35 animals rescued from hoarding

Animals rescued from hoarding situation in time for Valentine’s Day

The 35 dogs, cats, puppies and kittens arrive at Helen Woodward Animal Center

We have seen our fair share of unique rescue stories.  Each day new animals arrive at Helen Woodward Animal Center with distinctly different tales of abandonment, salvation, tragedy or triumph.  It is a very rare day, however, when over 35 animals arrive at once… and even rarer still when all are rescued from one home.

The house had no electricity and no running water,” explained an independent animal welfare worker who was alerted of the tragic circumstance occurring in the Los Angeles area.  “The woman was hoarding these animals but had no way to care for them.”   The rescues, including 29 puppies, 2 dogs, 3 cats and 4 kittens, were nearing starvation, unvaccinated and had never been neutered or spayed.   “The woman was very sad to see them go,” continued the worker who transported the rescues to Helen Woodward Animal Center for care, “but ultimately she knew that she was doing them more harm than good.”

Extraordinary circumstances are one thing, but perhaps the most amazing piece of the story lays in the heartwarming actions of multiple individuals who came forward with open hearts and homes. The rescue animals who traveled by van in over 15 carriers had a happy ending to their road trip.  By the time they arrived, Denise Clark, Foster Coordinator at Helen Woodward Animal Center, had already found foster homes for each and every one.  “Our fosters are incredible,” stated Clark.  “We couldn’t do the work we do without them.”

Due to age requirements necessary to spay or neuter rescue animals, it will take some time to place this group in their forever homes.  For this reason, the foster families of Helen Woodward Animal Center are a crucial part of providing warm, loving, safe environments for these animals as they to begin their lives again.  “It must be getting close to Valentine’s Day,” stated Clark.  “There’s just so much love in this building.”

We are so thankful that our foster families stepped up to the plate to give all these animals loving, temporary homes until their forever homes can be found. We could not do this without you!

Want to save animals, but can’t adopt right now? Find out about animal fostering. Give a temporary, loving home to an animal in need.


2 responses to “35 animals rescued from hoarding

  1. Hats off to all the fosters who are participating in this rescue, and all the other people who foster, as well. You are a part of the backbone of making the rescue process work. Thank You for all you do.

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