Captain Jack comes to Helen Woodward Animal Center

Captain Jack comes to Helen Woodward Animal Center

Right after the New Year, Helen Woodward Animal Center received a little treasure of a kitten named Captain Jack. Why the pirate name? This little bundle of energy and love had only one eye and squinted just like a pirate! He also had something else special, he was polydactyl, too! (Meaning he had extra toes on his front and back feet, which is very rare for cats!)

Within minutes of his arrival, Captain Jack could be found cradled in the arms of already-adoring staff members. Even though his cute little face was a little lop-sided, that didn’t stop him from finding a new home: Captain Jack was adopted just last week after he won the hearts of his new family by literally melting in their arms.

Check out some photos of our own Captain Jack!

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2 responses to “Captain Jack comes to Helen Woodward Animal Center

  1. I love polydactyls! They tend to like to stand on your shoulders, I think it’s because they’ve better balance than most cats. He kind of looks like my Mick, who I adopted from you in 1995, sadly gone now. Mickey was also a tuxedo with a white spot on his face. When I met him at 9 weeks, he was named Spot and the elderly couple who had adopted him for a week said he was fearless and they couldn’t handle him. That’s the cat for me! A longtime volunteer I was told I could have him if I changed his name, so he became Mick Dundee, and crawled into bed with Chani (another very special HWAC adoptee in 1991) and dogs used to run away from home to come visit and play. Thanks for the great memories, Helen Woodward and especially your volunteers. I worked hard for you and enjoyed every moment. Dee

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