Five Abandoned Kittens Need Ho-ho-homes for the Holidays

Kittens Abandoned in a Cardboard Box

Just two days before Thanksgiving, John Mevi awoke to find five hungry, flea ridden kittens abandoned in a urine soaked box in his yard in Lakeside. Mevi who had adopted pets from Helen Woodward Animal Center in the past, called the Center for help. The kittens, who are now about 10 weeks old, have recovered from their ordeal and are ready to find their forever families. In honor of Mevi and his good deed, the kittens have been named after the virtues of the holiday season – Faith, Hope, Joy, Charity and Peace.

“First, I was shocked,” said Mevi of finding five kittens in a ratty box at the end of his long driveway. “Second I thought how cute they were and third, I knew that if my daughter saw them, she would think Santa had come a little early and would want to keep them, so I took them to Helen Woodward Animal Center where I knew they would be able to find homes.”

Mevi doesn’t hold it against the people who abandoned the kittens, “In this economy, people just don’t know what to do. I am glad they left the kittens at my house and we were able to do the right thing.”

Four of the kittens, 3 males and 1 female, are grey with big green eyes, while one lone female is black with green eyes and a white tuft of fur on its chin. They are sweet and playful and ready to find their forever homes this holiday season.

Help orphaned animals in need today


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