Why are you thankful for your pets?

Last week we asked Helen Woodward Animal Center Facebook fans why they were thankful for their own furry family members this year. We got an overwhelming response!  There were all sorts of reasons why they were thankful for their pets, but the tone echoed throughout everyone’s response was… unconditional love.

Get ready to wear a smile!

Lisa: My family and I are forever thankful that our dog Savannah chose us to fill our hearts with love every day. She has taught us to enjoy life and take it slow and to stop and smell the roses.

Carla: It’s said so often, because it is so true, they just LOVE you. Not your check account balance, don’t care about your “bad hair days,” they don’t care if you gain weight or what kind of car you drive, your politics and religion, and social status are of no concern to them. They just want to be near you and to be loved. If humans could just get it, like dogs do!

Allison: I am thankful for the joy and unconditional love that they bring into our home. Their seemingly silly and strange personality quirks are a distraction from the other stresses of the day and a reminder that we are all unique individuals, even the furry members of our family. I am also thankful for organizations like yours which brought Hayley into our lives. We wouldn’t know life without her happy face.

Barb:  I look forward to seeing my cat Maya every morning. She gets up and greets me with a little meow or something like a meow. She shares my lap with my computer and I scratch her neck. I can’t wait to see her when I come home from work every night.  My husband never had a cat…never wanted one either…not anymore! He loves our cat!

Bergen: I am so thankful for my furry family member because I love to wake up in the morning knowing she is waiting for me! I also love that she lives in the moment and is always a happy girl!

Kelly: She loves me unconditionally. ♥

Dan: They are great listeners!

Annettia: I love waking up to Eskimo kisses from my two kittybabies and our Saturday snuggles get me through tough weeks.

Ryan: I’m thankful for the relentless loyalty and for always being under my feet. I’m thankful for teaching me to slow down; for pushing me beyond my comfort level; for helping me let go of the small stuff; for waking me up every morning right on time; for making me laugh so hard my stomach hurt. For reminding me when it’s bed time and most of all, I’m so thankful for the love they give in return. Thank you Cody, Mik and Casey, I can’t imagine a day without you.

If you want to share why you are thankful for your pet this Thanksgiving, you can share it in a comment below, or on our Facebook wall. Let’s start this holiday season off with a wave of unconditional love!

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