Tulip is blossoming with her new family

You may remember Tulip, a gentle momma dog with a scarred face, from last Spring. After Tulip gave birth to and cared for a litter of puppies, she was altered and made available for adoption. You may even remember her as one of our ‘Broadway Tails’ Spring Fling VIP dogs!

We were so excited when Tulip found her forever family, but let’s be honest, we missed her, too. Imagine our excitement when, 3 weeks ago, Tulip’s new mom e-mailed us an update.

Tulip, now called Kirby, is enjoying the sweet life. She worries for nothing and loves her new family.

“I was on your website this morning and re-read the story about Tulip as one of your ‘success stories.’

Kirby enjoying a sweatshirt!

We adopted Tulip (now called Kirby) back on June 13 and she has been the BEST dog! We couldn’t have asked for a better dog to join our family. She is so loving, sweet and loyal. Her constant tail wagging and excitement about being with people makes me smile.

My favorite thing about her is the way she ‘wakes up’ our boys in the morning for school by jumping in their beds and licking their faces until they acknowledge her.  She loves to be wherever we are and sits at my feet while I work on the computer.

She loves to go for walks and visit with the other dogs in the neighborhood.  Knowing that she had such a tough start in life makes her sweet disposition even more remarkable!

Kirby loves to snuggle in bed with the kids!

A big thanks for all that Helen Woodward Animal Center does to rescue and adopt out dogs like Kirby who might not normally get a second chance.

We love her so much!”

One response to “Tulip is blossoming with her new family

  1. Kirby is a beautiful dog and so lucky to have found such a wonderful loving family! One of our rescued dogs had to have both eyes removed, so at first people could be a little put off, sometimes scared. But, like Kirby, the happy smile, the wagging tail and the sweet disposition makes people forget about any physical issues.

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