“She is part of our family and I can’t imagine her not being in it”

Staff at Helen Woodward Animal Center was first updated on Chloe’s new forever family on Twitter! Chloe’s new mom tweeted us (@HWAC) to tell us how well she was fitting in with the family. Ever since we have been kept up to date on Chloe’s life through Twitter (which, we’re not ashamed to say, we absolutely love!)

Read Nicole, otherwise known as blogger RedLotusMama’s, thankful thoughts on how Chloe has changed her family’s life.

“My daughter and I moved in with my parents after my divorce. Since then all my daughter has wanted was a puppy. I figured a dog would provide her companionship and responsibility. I had no idea how much more Chloe would do for our family.

I love coming home to my daughter and Chloe. I am greeted after a hard day with hugs and kisses. Playing and cuddling with Chloe takes my stress away. She is my daughter’s playmate and keeps her company at night. She gardens and goes on walks with my dad. And, Chloe reminds my mom how good her cooking is. Even though Chloe was adopted for my daughter she has become the family dog.

Chloe loves walking to school!

Since we adopted Chloe our house is now a home. She has brought more laughter and love into the house. Stress gets reduced with one cuddle, rollover or kiss. Chloe is part of our family and I can’t imagine her not being in it.”

P.S. Chloe even has her own Twitter hashtag! Type in #Chloepuppy on Twitter to follow her!

P.P.S. Chloe also has her own Flickr stream. Isn’t social media wonderful?


2 responses to ““She is part of our family and I can’t imagine her not being in it”

  1. I love this! I’m Chloe’s “Auntie” Miss and she really IS part of the family. She absolutely has her own personality that shines through. Every time I come for a visit, if I don’t put all my stuff down and immediately greet her sufficiently, she will let me know it! Chloe is a wonderful friend and everyone who meets her loves her instantly.

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