Most Heartwarming Story Winner for Week Four of ‘Iams Home 4 the Holidays’

Don’t get bogged down by the midweek blues, read this week’s ‘Most Heartwarming Story’ from Iams Home 4 the Holidays! Each Thursday Helen Woodward Animal Center announces the weekly winner of that week’s ‘Most Heartwarming Story’ from Iams Home 4 the Holidays! Animal welfare organizations from around the world are working together to find loving homes for 1.5 million orphaned animals this holiday season.

This week’s winner comes from the Society for the Improvement of of Conditions for Stray Animals (SICSA), from Kettering, Ohio. You can never be too old to make a new best friend!

“Griffin’s previous owners had Griffin for about seven years and, sadly, someone in the family became allergic to cats. The family had to give Griffin up.

Griffin, being eight years old, was SICSA’s oldest cat. He was a sweet, laid back kind of guy who captured many hearts at SICSA. However, he was overlooked by adopters because of his age. It was Tuesday, October 11, that we found the perfect home for Griffin.

A gentleman came in to find a cat for his wife. Normally, it is required that the whole family comes in to pick out an animal, but this was different. This man’s wife had severe MS and was bed ridden. She wanted a cat to keep her company and to be there for her. The family was looking at all of the wonderful cats at SICSA and the Adoption Manager knew just the cat: “Let’s take a look at Griffin,” she said.

The family thought Griffin would be perfect for the woman and took him home. Griffin was the perfect choice to lay by the woman’s side and comfort her. After calling the family for a follow up they shared what a pleasure Griffin was. He adjusted perfectly to his new home and loves being petted. The wife adores him and Griffin loves to jump in bed to snuggle with her.

A win for an older cat who desperately wanted a home to call his own and a win for a woman who desperately needed a friend.”

Thank you, SICSA! You can follow SICSA on Facebook here.

Remember: each week we choose a heartwarming story and that organization or rescue will be in the running for a $500 prize at the end of the campaign!

If you are an animal welfare facility or rescue, you can join Iams Home 4 the Holidays, too! Click here to find more information.


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