Have a creepy crawly day!

Have a creepy crawly day!

This Saturday, October 29, is Family Day at Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Harvest Tours, from 1 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.! We have some creepy and cool critters just waiting to meet you! When you come to Family Day, you’ll meet:

Kuzko, the Emperor Scorpion! Did you know it’s the largest scorpion on Earth? Plus, it rarely uses it’s stinger to catch prey – it prefers to crush it with it’s huge claws!

Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches! What’s creepy about this critter? It can survive ten days without it’s head!

Boris the Legless Lizard! Unlike snakes, these critters have eyelids and external ears. Plus, they can release their tail at will and regenerate a new one!

Soldier the Marine Toad! One of these toads can weigh up to two pounds. No touching, though, their skin can be dangerous.

And a Rose Hair Tarantula! These tarantulas are very docile and females can live up to twenty years!

What else is going on for Family Day? Check out what there is to do:

• Costumes encouraged
• A mini-pumpkin from our pumpkin patch
• Guided tours through our Creepy Critter Cave
• A chance to learn about unusual, often misunderstood “spooky” but loveable animals
• Animal presentations
• Face painting
• Pumpkin decorating
• Interactive educational activities
• Kid’s costume contest judged by Surf Dog Ricochet, the famous surf ing dog
• Jamba Juice & other vendors
• Dog agility with San Diego Pet Training
• Bounce house
• Opportunity drawing
• Carnival games

Cost is just $8 per child. Adults are free!

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