Therapy Horse Looking for a Home

JoJo the Retired Therapy Horse Looking for a Home

Who is JoJo? JoJo is a 13.2 hh pony of mixed heritage.  His chestnut coat is flecked with white, reflecting his 30+ years.  He also has a white stripe down his long face.

JoJo had been a lesson horse at many riding schools throughout San Diego County.  He spent some time in our therapeutic riding program, as well, before being ready for a home which he was placed in over five years ago.  However, the current economic recession has hit many families very hard, and JoJo’s was no exception.  They were forced to return JoJo, being unable to care for him any longer.  He is sociable and affectionate, and would make a wonderful companion for a loving family. He loves carrots and being scratched on the shoulder.

What can Jojo do? Our therapeutic riding staff has been working with JoJo since his return to Helen Woodward Animal Center earlier this year.  We have found him to be the steady, easy-going horse that originally made him a candidate for therapeutic riding lessons.  JoJo loves interacting with people of all ages, including playing with bean bags and hula hoops!  We have also been able to carefully introduce some light riding with him.  We feel he would continue to be most comfortable in a lead line situation, but seems happy to have a job to do!

We want the best for Jojo and look forward to connecting with a family for him. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please call 858-756-4117 and contact Alicia Roe, or visit our website.

Check out a video of JoJo in action!


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