Most Heartwarming Story Winner for Week Two of ‘Iams Home 4 the Holidays’

Each Thursday Helen Woodward Animal Center announces the weekly winner of that week’s ‘Most Heartwarming Story’ from Iams Home 4 the Holidays! Animal welfare organizations from around the world are working together to find loving homes for 1.5 million orphaned animals this year.

This week’s winner is Chow Chow Rescue of Central New York! 

Buddy’s Story

Meet Buddy, the blind Chow puppy

“Puppy mills bring heartache and so it was with the breed of dogs known as ‘Georgia Chow Chows.’ Chow Chows are beautiful animals and they were heavily used for breeding purposes. It was not long before the demand dwindled for them. One pregnant puppy mill Chow was rescued by the Chow Chow Rescue of Central New York.  She gave birth to eight Chow puppies (7 females and 1 male).  The litter was fostered, gained weight and learned what little Chows do, which is frolicking about and making everyone laugh.  These little bundles of soft fur would be placed in a loving environment, but first they had to visit the veterinarian, be spayed or neutered, and then sent off to their ‘fur-ever’ home.

At ten weeks of age, Buddy, the only male, was scheduled to be neutered at the same time his sisters were spayed.  The spaying went smoothly with the girls, however, Buddy developed complications with the surgery.  His little heart stopped and he went into full cardiac arrest.  The veterinarian team worked on him and brought him back, but Buddy would not be the same little Chow.  Time ticked away and little Buddy’s coordination and health improved, but not his eye sight. It was difficult to determine if his eye sight would return gradually or if Buddy would stay totally blind. Only time would tell.

Two days later Buddy developed seizures.  Medications given helped control the seizures and and in a few days the seizures were gone. Buddy was brought to his new foster mother who carefully fed him, syringed fluids, and patiently took him outside to balance him while he relieved himself. This sweet little boy required special care, but there was still hope he could make a complete recovery.

Buddy was brought to an eye specialist in Rochester, New York. Good nutrition and exercise would help little Buddy’s eye sight, but his rehabilitation could take months and, even then, there was no guarantee Buddy’s eye sight would return.

Buddy, now called Drifter, exploring his new home!

The story of Buddy reached a family in the hills of Vermont. E-mails flew back and forth asking, ‘Tell us more about this little Chow.’ As Buddy’s story unfolded, a Chow-loving family showed continued interest in him. They were aware Buddy’s sight may never return but this wonderful family was only interested in making Buddy a part of their family. On a cold, wet October day, Buddy and his perspective family met each other. Needless to say, Buddy is now called ‘Drifter.’ Drifter is in the best home a Chow puppy could ask for.

His new family showers him with love, protection and joy. His eye sight has improved and, someday, he may be able to see. We hope Drifter will enjoy the beautiful decorations during the many future holidays with his new family. He is one lucky Chow Chow.”

Thank you, Chow Chow Rescue of Central New York! If you liked their story, please friend them on Facebook. Remember: each week we choose a heartwarming story and that organization or rescue will be in the running for a $500 prize at the end of the campaign!

If you are an animal welfare facility or rescue, you can join Iams Home 4 the Holidays, too! Click here to find more information.


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