Kids write the darndest things

A sign that greets all who enter the AniMeals workroom

Inspiring Youngsters, Helping Seniors

The AniMeals workroom is a lesser known place on Helen Woodward Animal Center’s campus. Tucked away in the back of the adoptions building, their storage area holds generously donated pet food from good do-ers from around San Diego County. It’s a neat and colorful place, with lots of photos of seniors and their pets who receive food from this program each week. Now there’s another something to catch your eye… cards from this summer’s Critter Campers thanking AniMeals staff and volunteers for their hard work.

From Wendy, AniMeals Supervisor:

“In my time here, I’ve discovered that many people either don’t know about AniMeals at all or they don’t realize what it is we do.  When given the opportunity, I’m always happy to explain how we work with senior centers and Meals-on-Wheels to deliver much needed pet food to homebound seniors.  Everyone I talk to thinks it’s a great program and they’re always so impressed with what we do.

Recently, the Education Department had Critter Campers come through the Center and see the AniMeals workroom.  The Campers were then given the opportunity to write thank you cards to our volunteers.  This one in particular made me smile:

“Thank you so much!  You changed animals lives.  Words can’t even explain how awesome you are.  You truly inspired me!  From, Maddie”

I find it especially heart-warming that we’re inspiring youngsters while we’re helping seniors…

Wendy was so touched, she put all the cards up on the AniMeals workroom door for all to see! We hope you enjoy these cards!

Love the one on the bottom there, “You’re on fire, AniMeals!” Haha! Rock on!


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