August Education Animal Spotlight!

Bodie… say cheeeese!

Meet Bodie!

Full Name: Bodie Jones

D.O.B: 7/15/06

Breed: English Mastiff

History: Bodie was adopted from a dog rescue when he was 1 ½ years old.

Animal friends at home: He lives with 3 other dogs. A beagle named Lily, a lab blend named Churro, and a chihuahua blend named Little Man.

Passions: Bodie loves water and he loves to swim. He gets in the pool with his family all the time (he often tries to rescue them… even though they know how to swim already!). Bodie’s favorite thing to do is chew on his stuffed toys which his family calls his “babies.” He takes very good care of them and would never destroy them.

Favorite Education Program: Bodie is new to the Education team… but he loves meeting our Critter Campers (especially when he gets to be in their camper photos!).

Scout and Wren are the best of friends!

Meet Scout!

Full Name: Scout Sydney Short-Tessier

Nick Names: Scoutlet or Scouty, monkey

D.O.B.: 7/1/06

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / Border Collie blend

History: She came to Helen Woodward Animal Center in the summer of 2008.  We are not sure of what her earlier life was like, but when she was adopted from the Helen Woodward Animal Center in July, 2009, she was scared of most men, and common household items.  She’s gotten over her fear of tvs, ceiling fans, and men (which was the toughest), and we’re still working on guitars!

Animal friends at home: Her sister Wren is her best bud now, although at first Scout couldn’t believe she had to share her house with a puppy!

Passions: She loves her human-dad “J” more than anyone, and her mom (who works at HWAC) is a close second.  She is extremely loyal and is a completely different dog when her human parents are around (and she sulks when they are gone).  She loves playing fetch, walks/bike rides/hikes, dog beach/parks, doing tricks for treats, playing hide and seek with us, and pretending to be a squirrel/rabbit hunter.

Favorite Education Program: Scout likes Dogsmarts best, because she usually gets to play ball or get treats for doing tricks.

Meet Wren!

Full Name: Wren Short-Tessier

Nick names: Wrenners, Littles

D.O.B.: 10/3/10

Breed: Cattle dog and border collie blend as well, not sure what else!

History: Wren was adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center when she was 4 months old in February 2011. She was in a litter of 3 puppies named Cheeto, Dorito, & Frito (she was Frito and was the last to be adopted).  She was brought over from our Adoptions Dept. to be used for our Dogsmart program to expose clients to a puppy, and her human-mom (and the whole Education Team) fell in love with her.

Animal friends at home: Scout was her hard earned friend. Now they love playing together.

Passions: She loves using Scout as a chew toy, playing fetch, walks, destroying stuffed animals, cuddling, begging for food, German Shepards, and telling us when it’s time to wake up.

Favorite Education Program: Wren likes any program where she gets to play fetch, play with Scout, or get lots of cuddles.  Right now she loves doing puppy socializing with our older critter campers.


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