Real Purse Puppies!

5 Shih Tzu puppies brought in a purse!

We have seen a lot of things, but this was a first… puppies delivered to us via a super cute pink purse! Yes – it’s true! These Shih-Tzu blend puppies were a mere few weeks old when we first received them. They were part of our ‘Spay… Don’t Litter’ program, which spays and neuters entire litters of orphaned animals, plus their mothers, too, preventing further unwanted litters of dogs and cats.

Look out, Paris Hilton, we think we got you beat with these five little cuties in a purse!

Hullo! A purse puppy peeks out!

These darling little purse puppies were then sent into foster care with a loving foster family after we received them. They got old enough for their surgeries and for all their vaccinations so they would stay healthy little pups! In July, when they returned to the Center, the staff just couldn’t stay away! We had to take as many pictures as we could because they were sooo cute and we knew that families would flock to come adopt them.

All the puppies found their forever homes within days of being available. We’ll never forget this litter of purse puppies – that’s for sure! For more photos, check out the Purse Puppies own Flickr gallery!

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