Bathing beauty contest gets in a real ‘cat fight’

This 4th of July weekend, come witness San Diego’s largest (and cutest) bathing beauty contest at Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC). They’re young, cute… and have four legs?! Yes, these contestants are kittens! Beginning Friday, July 1st, you can witness true fireworks as these “cute kitties” duke it out in a ‘Hot or Not Bathing Beauty Contest.’ The prize? Bragging rights and independence with a forever family.

“We have more contestants, or kittens, than we ever have before,” says HWAC ‘Hot or Not’ Kitten Judge, Renee Resko. “The problem with a Cutest Kitten Contest is every single one of them is adorable. We think the real winning happens when they find homes where a family can love them.”

Resko explains that there are 29 kitten cuties ready to find homes today. “These kittens are literally in a contest for their freedom. Kitten season is in full swing and we are at capacity, with over 30 more kittens waiting in foster families for their chance to win their independence, too.”

HWAC has two ways to help these kittens win their freedom.

#1:       “No Kitten Left Behind” is a program that allows families that adopt one kitten at the standard adoption fee to take home their buddy with half the adoption fee.

#2:       Through HWAC’s, “Spay – don’t Litter” program, the Center is able to accept a litter and provide for the “Mommy” cat to be spayed at no cost.

All dogs and cats, puppies and kittens at Helen Woodward Animal Center are spayed or neutered, have up-to-date vaccines, and have passed health and temperament testing before going, “home” with their new families. Plus, when you adopt from HWAC, receive two free tickets to Sea World to celebrate the summer.

Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Adoption Kennels are open Monday-Friday, noon-6:00pm, and Saturday-Sunday, 11:00am-6:00pm. For more information visit Helen Woodward Animal Center at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe, call 858-756-4117, or log on to

Check out all the other bathing beauties at our Flickr Gallery!


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