From Cooper, a rescue dog’s letter

Hi friends at Helen Woodward Animal Center!

This is Cooper. I just wanted to write a little hello and tell you how I’ve been adjusting to my new life with Stephen, Stephanie and my new best friend Leni. Stephanie meant to send this along sooner but I’ve been keeping them mighty busy!

I’ve been with my new family for about two weeks and I’m really starting to get the hang of things. I wasn’t too sure at first about the whole “sharing eating space”, but once I discovered I could go on the back porch for my meals, I’ve devoured everything in sight in true puppy form! Stephen and Stephanie tried to make me a “floor only” dog, but once I discovered the joys of snuggling on their big bed before going to sleep and watching TV on the couch with them (I still love growling at it when I see animals running around on the screen!), it was a losing battle… for them!

Leni has been working hard to teach me to play and wrestle with her. At first she would grab on to my back leg while I stood there looking back at her, but once she explained I was supposed to wrestle back, we haven’t stopped since! Our favorite is to find the biggest brush pile in the backyard and roll around on our backs together in it. I usually go inside with at least 10 pricklies on me that Stephen and Stephanie have to pick out of my fur, but boy is it fun! I love cuddling with Leni too. Even though we each have our own doggie beds, my favorite is climbing into hers with her and snuggling, even though we don’t fit very well. I’m still learning our doggie door (I don’t like when it slaps down and bumps me in the nose when I try to go through it), but even with Stephen and Stephanie working I’ve only had one accident the whole time I’ve been here (and that was because I was just beside myself with excitement when they got home from being away for a while!). Leni’s also been teaching me how to follow around the chickens, chase birds, and jump up when I’m excited, so Stephanie and Stephen wonder if she’s the best influence, but I think it’s all so fun!

I’ve decided I am definitely a girls-dog, and greatly prefer snuggling and charming the ladies. I am called “the shadow” a lot of the time around here because I am rarely more than a foot from Stephanie when she’s home; I even like to lay down on the bath rug outside of the shower in the morning and wait for her! I’m a momma’s boy- what can I say!?

I went to the groomers for the first time last week and LOVED it! I am a water dog through and through. They said I splashed around and didn’t want to get out afterwards. When I was done I got to go on a three-mile walk home and was a champ on my leash! I have a new harness that helps me remember my manners and I really like it.

Anyways, just wanted to say hello and let you know that I am happy and well! Enjoy the pictures!

Lots of love and hello to my friends,


(Blogger’s note: We love getting stories from our adoptee families! Feel free to email us stories and photos here.  A special thank you to Cooper’s family for the letter!)


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