June’s Education Animal Spotlight

You’re jealous of my mohawk, aren’t you? Admit it!

Meet Sissy!

Name: Sissy Larue Zier-Gonzales


Breed: Jack Russell/something-or-other mix

History: A friend working at a local shelter called one of the Education staff members  and told her that they had a 3lb puppy that was left on the shelter’s porch, and they did not have a safe place to keep her… so her mom adopted her.

Friends : She lives with 4 other dogs and 3 birds, and Sissy loves her chihua sister Frida (9yrs old) the most of all her sisters and brother.  They love to wrestle on the bed and chase each other around the house.

Passions: One of Sissy’s favorite pastimes at home is perching on the back of the sofa looking out the window and napping in the sun out on the deck.

Favorite Program: She loves the Animobile, because she get s to spend all day with the Instructors; where she most often be found on their laps.

Sissy’s favorite pastime? Herding tennis balls and making us laugh with her hilarious hair-do!

Treats? for me???

Meet Halo!

Name: Halo

D.O.B.: 5-14-2000

Breed: Miniature Horse

History: He was born inMissouri, and was donated to usMay 18, 2006, by a local family.

Friends: He is very social, and loves meeting new horses around the barn. Every day he hangs out in the arena with our other miniature horse, Fable, and they get to run around and play together.

Passions: FOOD!!! He is always looking in the instructor’s pockets for treats, and will snack throughout his presentations.

Favorite Program:  He loves the Horse Lover’s program, where he gets to show off his athletic ability… and is hand-fed treats by Girl Scouts. (His favorite guests!)

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