Rocky, a puppy who escaped a coyote attack

Rocky is a puppy at Helen Woodward Animal Center who survived a coyote attack. Coyote Attack on Tiny Puppies Brings Out the Fighter in, “ROCKY!”

When a coyote attacked a litter of Shepherd-blend puppies the, “runt” seemed doomed. But now, “Rocky” has fought back and is expected to become available for adoption this Wednesday, at noon at Helen Woodward Animal Center. And folks, this lil guy is abso-doggy-dorable!

Rocky is a 2-month-old puppy that was transferred to us from a Los Angeles County Rescue. We were told that he was grabbed by a coyote. At less than 5 pounds, he’s about half the size of the 5 other puppies in the litter, which made him easy prey. We have no idea how he managed to get away, but he paid the price with a gaping, open wound that ran the length of his left side. Rocky’s wound was stitched up and he doesn’t seem to be showing any long-term effects. Our staff veterinarian, Dr. Heather Carter, says that Rocky will have some scar tissue from such a large wound. The skin on his left side might be a bit tight as he matures. But we’re confident that he’ll grow up to be a happy, healthy, 40 pound family dog.

Watch Rocky’s first day at the Center. He charmed us right off the bat!

Coyotes are real, folks. Even in suburban areas of San Diego county! Just last week a neighbor called us reporting that a coyote had attacked and killed his dog, leaving him with a litter of six, 1-week-old, Chihuahua puppies that require bottle feeding. This can happen to puppies or kittens, adult dogs and cats, large or small. The coyotes are feeding their pups and that means they need food. If it’s edible, it’s fair game. And you don’t have to be in a rural area.

“Rocky” is scheduled to be available when we open at Noon on Wednesday… And check out his adorable siblings!

Rocky, the puppy who escaped a coyote attack, and his family!


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