Golden Girls to re-air!

Update!: Rose found her forever family, but Sophia, Blanche and Dorothy are still searching for that perfect match. Won’t you stop by to visit The Cats’ Meow, our illustrious retirement village?

Yes, it’s true! ‘Golden Girls’, that amazing 1980’s sitcom, is set to re-air… at Helen Woodward Animal Center! Just not in the way you might think!

First thing you need to do is click play on the video below, because you need to have some good theme music while you read the rest!

(Thaaaank yooou for bein’ a frieeeend… Ah, brings back memories, doesn’t it?)

Our ‘Golden Girls,’ Blanche, Rose, Dorothy, and Sophia, are not golden, but you could paw-sibly find some gray fur. The four ‘most-senior’ female cats know that kitten season is fast approaching and they all need to be in their new homes before it begins.

How we best describe our ‘Golden Girls’:

Dorothy wants to find a companion for life.

Then there’s, “Sophia.” 9-1/2 years old (old enough to be Dorothy’s mother). You can see her posing with her handbag with a, “Whaddaya lookin’ at?” expression on her face.

“Blanche” is 10 years old and a bit of a floozy. Just look at her pose for the photo! “Hey Baybeeee!”

“Rose” is happy to share stories about when she was a kitten in St. Olaf. She’s sweet and 100% loveable! (Perhaps a bit corny, but we love her!) Rose has been adopted! YAY!

Once the kittens begin arriving families walk right past cats like the Golden Girls without even considering what wonderful, lifelong companions they would be. You’re totally missing out if you do that! Come on out and meet The Girls. Their adoption fees are $75 each plus once in a lifetime chip registration, and you get so much in return. They are amazing ladies!

All pets available for adoption at HWAC have been spayed or neutered, have up to date vaccines, and are micro-chipped. Each pet receives a free night at Club Pet Boarding and each family receives two tickets to SeaWorld (limit 2 passes per household).


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