Prince William and Kate get married at Helen Woodward Animal Center

3:59pm: Video of the Royal Wedding! Stolen kisses, snuggles, tears… it has it all! You won’t see this tomorrow, that’s for sure… PLUS, you don’t have to wake up at 4am tomorrow!

12:14pm: Photos of the Royal Wedding, at Barkingham Palace (aka Helen Woodward Animal Center)

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Wedding Toast!

(from left to right) Prince “Hairy,” Kate Middleton, and Prince William waiting for the ceremony to start.

The Queen looks on only slightly disapprovingly at the ceremony!

More pics at our Flickr gallery!

11:56am: The wedding went off beautiful! Hardly any mistakes (except when Prince William would not stop licking others!). Photos and video up soon!

10:51am: Just received a quest list! Many representatives from countries will be represented today at the wedding!

Labrador (Retriever)

Australia (Shepherd)

Mexico (Chihuahua)

France (Poodle)

Germany (Dachshund and Boxer)

Scotland (Border Collie)

Wales (Corgi)

and a variety of all-American blended dogs!

10:20am: Prince William and Kate have been seen at Helen Woodward Animal Center today! They say their plans are to get married this morning, at 11:30am, at the Center (aka “Barkingham Palace!”)  The Royal Wedding ceremony (and announcement that they are available for adoption) for Prince William and Kate Middleton will take place at 11:30 this morning (7:30 PM London time) at Helen Woodward Animal Center. John Van Zante, Archbishop of HWAC, presiding. The couple will vow to give and receive love, hold down the couch so it doesn’t float away, and investigate unusual noises and smells.

Leaked engagement photos were found this morning, too! We’ll keep you posted via tweets and live-blogging before and after the ceremony!


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