Lifesaving Masks for Animal Fire Victims to be Donated Thursday

“Mouth-to-snout” resuscitation has been the only hope for animals suffering smoke inhalation… until now. Tomorrow morning, at 11:15am, Helen Woodward Animal Center will donate animal respirator kits to a dozen fire rescue crews serving coastal north county. Each of the crew will receive a kit with respirator masks designed to fit small, medium, and large pets.

Elmo was saved by a dog respiration mask. (Long Beach Fire Dept.)

“We saw a report about a dog in Long Beach that had been trapped in a burning building,” says HWAC spokesman John Van Zante. “The firefighters attached a pet respirator mask to their oxygen tank and administered treatment right there at the fire scene, saving the dog’s life.”

Van Zante says that the news report touched the heart of HWAC Sponsorship Manager Nedra Abramson so much that she investigated whether the masks were being used in San Diego County. “Nedra learned that most of the fire department officials she spoke with had pets at home, but she couldn’t find one single fire crew in the county that had a pet respirator kit.”

Tomorrow morning, we are donating dog respiration masks to 12 fire rescue crews serving Encinitas, Solana Beach, Del Mar, and Rancho Santa Fe. Each kit will include 3 masks manufactured by, “Pets America” allowing firefighters to administer life-saving oxygen to small, medium, and large animals.

“Helen Woodward Animal Center is in the business of saving lives,” says HWAC President Mike Arms. 80% of the pets adopted from the Center are transferred from shelters and rescue groups that are overcrowded, can’t afford to keep them, or have just run out of time. Providing these kits for the firefighters is an extension of the work that we’re already doing.”

The presentation of the respirator kits will begin at 11:15am in the Adoptions parking lot at Helen Woodward Animal Center at 6461 El Apajo Road, in Rancho Santa Fe. Fire officials with emergency vehicles will accept the donated respirator kits (unless there’s a fire of course!)


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