Can Shey be a frisbee dog?

If you were cruising around on our Facebook page this week, you may have noticed a certain dog has “sent” us postcards all this week from the road!

Yes, you probably guessed it, these postcards weren’t real. This is pretty sad for us to see, because Shey is a great dog and deserves to be out there having fun with people and other dogs! We wanted to show her in places where she would flourish best. Shey is an active dog who enjoys running, hiking, camping, among other outdoor activities.

So, here Shey is, at the Center, where she has been searching so tirelessly for her forever family.

But, we do have a bit of a surprise for you. Instead of jet-setting around the globe, Shey actually has been working on her new skill: playing Frisbee!

She’s been working hard at becoming a Frisbee pro. Won’t you watch her in action? Meanwhile, she’ll keep searching for a new forever home.

So, come on over and play a little with Shey! You can also check out her adoption profile.

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