March’s Children’s Education Animal Spotlight

Meet Andy!

Name: Andy Thompson


DOB: 1-1-02

Breed: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

History: Andy was adopted from the Center when he was 4 months old. He has been part of the Education Dept. for the past 6 years.

Friends: He has 3 cat friends at home, but is best friends with Lucy (another Education dog).

Passions: He is obsessed with tennis balls, and is always ready to play fetch.

Favorite Education Program: Andy loves Dog Smarts, because he gets to play fetch with the kids in the Garden.

Meet Bloo!

Name: Benjamin Buford Bloo (a.k.a. Bloo)

DOB: 1/3/08

Breed: Wire-haired Vizsla

History: Bloo was adopted by his mom in Colorado, and has been part of the Education program since summer 2010.

Friends: He has a Bearded Dragon and a kitten friend at home.

Passions: Bloo loves to show off his tricks… for treats. He sits, shakes, rolls over, plays dead, and even says “I Love You.”

Favorite Education Program: Bloo likes to do on-site tours, because he is able to show off his tricks for treats.

See their silly slideshow!


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