IH4TH ‘Most Heartwarming Story’ Contest

Iams Home 4 the Holidays

Hello animal lovers! Today is the day you can begin voting for your favorite story from 2010 Iams Home 4 the Holidays!

Since the inception of Iams Home 4 the Holidays in 1999, Helen Woodward Animal Center has enjoyed the privilege of giving out a special award for the most heartwarming animal adoption story during the adoption campaign. Receiving and reading these amazing success stories is always rewarding for us. They encapsulate why the campaign is worth all the hard work.

This year, we are giving our friends, families, and fans a glimpse behind the walls of our animal welfare partners to witness the change they are making every single day. We are relying on you, dear friends, to help us make this decision:

Which organization should win this year’s prize for most heartwarming success story?


Each story illustrates each animal’s unique journey; journeys that begin in abandonment, betrayal, or serious medical issues, and end in fulfillment, safety and most importantly, a loving home. The winning organization will be awarded $500!

Remember to read each story. You will get your chance to cast your vote at the end of the last story. (Votes in the comment section below will not be counted.)

Thanks for caring about animals!

Take me to the stories!


66 responses to “IH4TH ‘Most Heartwarming Story’ Contest

  1. I vote for Darby! No animal or human should have to suffer what she did. All of them are special however.

  2. No animal should ever be thrown away. Please vote for Throw Away Rose. Excellent work Hilltop Humane!

  3. I, too, had a foster who had been burnt down her back. Daphne was a boxer girl who, in spite of the abuse and trauma she had suffered, was the sweetest, most loving foster I have ever had. We cared for Daphne’s burns until she was healed. She, too, will never have hair on her back. She was adopted into the most amazing family with two other special needs dogs. I have cast my vote for Darby through the link.

  4. I have cindy/baby girl sitting in my lap here now and we are reading all the nice comments about all the animals she is doing just fine and getting bigger every day.please vote

  5. I vote for Mama Mia – it’s great to see that Mama Mia so gracefully overcame abandonment, hardship, loss of her loved ones and a handicap to find her forever home.

  6. Wow! All the shelters do such terrific work for these unwanted and abused animals. They need us now more than ever! Thank you to each group for all that you do. It was a difficult choice, but I voted for Mama Mia. She is definitely a shining example of resilience! Bless her for her strength and faith in humanity! I know how deeply the people at Cat Guardians truly care, and how much they need these funds to continue their work. No matter which group wins, keep up the good fight everyone!

    • Dancy,

      Thank you for stopping by and voting! Yes, these stories are great examples of the good job animal welfare organizations are doing in their communities. These stories show just how important they are and the great work animal welfare organizations are doing. It’s all about one life at a time and these orgs prove GREAT change can come from that!

  7. I run Planned Pethood’s Education Programs, and have been very proud to welcome Darby as one of our Ambassadogs for the rescue. She’s amazing with humans of all sizes, from preschoolers to seniors. Our latest school visit was with a group of 5 year olds, and Darby loved every minute of having small children climbing all over her.

    She’s a treasure.

    Mary Torio

  8. When I read today about Darby in the local paper I just had to vote, it made me sick when this was first reported months ago in our local paper & still makes me sick that someone so mean would do something so horrific to a dog or even any defenseless animal.

  9. I voted for ROSE–she is such a sweetie..it’s hard to believe people can be that thoughtless to treat animals as if they don’t have feelings. GO ROSE !!!

  10. All of the them deserve a vote, but I know you can only vote for one. Why are people so cruel? There are so many options available to responsibly relinqish a pet. Sickos.

    Will decide but wanted to post a comment first!

  11. I remember reading about Darby in the Toledo Blade and was sickened by her story. You know, people could learn A LOT from dogs, or animals in general, on how to treat others they share the planet with. GO DARBY!!!!!!!!

  12. Isn’t it amazing how dogs, cats and animals in general can go on with their lives with such pain in their hearts and bodies and act as if it never existed? Wish people were like that……..move on past it and live life!!!

  13. This is for a Dear Friend that emailed this article, I voted for Darby. I think all animals look for a warm and loving person when they are in pain, because it helps them heel.

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  16. I’d like to vote for all of them, but my pick is “Fred”. I love the part about the lipstick on his forehead! I used to leave lipstick kisses on the forehead of our white dog “Alice”.

  17. Thank you for the IAMS cat food. A wonderful suprise. We have given some to two farms where the ladies take care of barn cats. We also have given some to a lady manager of a trailer park where she cares for many cats, some abandoned.
    One of the farm ladies who has a cat we helped when it was shot in its legs would like to write a short story about what happened. Where/to whom can she send it? We appreciate the food very much Thank you Joyce Harlow Treasurer/ Secretary

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