Wordless Wednesday

Sunny and Angel, the miracle twin foals, look right…

They look opposite…

They look left! They do everything together. (Including their birthday party and you are invited!)


14 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Awww Sunny and Angel have grown so much. They are so beautiful…..love Angel’s blonde highlights. They are our miracle twin foals…miss seeing them on ustream live. Marcie, Turn the switch back on.. We would love it! Thanks HWAC/Equine for sharing them with us all!

  2. Such beautiful babies. I sure do miss watching them on cam. I won’t ba able to drive down for their birthday party. I hope there ar elots of pics taken and some video too. So happy they have so many people who love them.

  3. I thought sunny and angel were already adopted months ago? they are so cute..Have they been returned to the animal shelter or something?

  4. Oh I have missed them so much! Will be joining you on ustream ? for your birthday, kids! Really looking forward to it.

  5. I thought that Sunny and Angel had a home. Didn’t they leave the Center when they turned 6 months? Are they just visiting, or are they back?

    Also, what has become of Lena?

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