The dog word, the cat word…

Earlier this week we asked Helen Woodward Animal Center Twitter and Facebook fans what their pets’ favorite words were. And oh my goodness, did we get what we asked for. So many dog words and cat words! Apparently all you animal lovers out there are VERY chatty with your animals!


Do you say these words to your furry family members? You know, whenyoutalkfastandmakeasentenceintoonegiantword? Here’s some of our faves.






Getthosebirds! (Surfdog Ricochet, was that you?!)



Food Words

As one might have guessed, food words were pretty popular, too:



Bacon (Haha, a submission from Spike Taylor, our Christmas Elf!)





Cheese (Ok, if someone said this word to me, I would get excited, too.)

And the sound that needs no words… the sound of a treat bag!

Words We Spell

Quite frankly, why do we spell these words? Because everyone knows our dogs know how to spell them by now!



Funny Sayings

Sayings that might not make sense to some, but are very special to our animals.

Where’s your baby?

Where’s Foxy?

No man left behind! (To get in the car)

Want me to fill up your sink? (Haha, this is actually from our fan, Kerri. Her cat drinks out of his very own sink!)

Top Words

Last of all, the words we tend to use the most and the ones that our animals love to hear the most!


Dog park


And the top word… Walk!

We had a lot of fun reading your responses! We hope you had fun, too. And remember, you can adopt a dog or adopt a cat and teach them your special words at Helen Woodward Animal Center.

7 responses to “The dog word, the cat word…

  1. I can’t believe no one submitted this one: Goodboy! In our household, that’s smooshed giant word “Goodboyhoney!”

    I see breakfast is on the list, but all meals are dog-dinner here. In fact, most things have the word “dog” in front of them: dog bowl, dog bed, dog blanket, dog leash, dog car (I have a beater car that I only drive when the dog is with me), dog walk, dog treat, dog bone, dog toy, dog bath.

  2. Fun idea about the words! I use bathy to make a difference of my taking a bath and Scamp taking a bathy. (being 8 lbs she does not leave my side often although she is crate trained) When I refer to my husband it is to see dada. Scamp is 8 months old so we are doing training and I give her alot of POSITIVE reinforcement by saying excitedly her name & what she is doing that is good i.e. Scamp good or great sit instead of good dog

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