“Adopt a horse” – it’s more than that

When someone says the word ‘staff,’ one might not think of staff members other than people! At Helen Woodward Animal Center, we actually have staff that consists of more than just humans. Since our mission is to be a place in our community ‘where animals help people and people help animals,’ our Therapeutic Riding department likes to boast about some pretty neat staff members (horses!) that help children and adults with special needs.

And like any dedicated human who enjoys serving others, there comes a time when they, too, are ready to retire. Such horses are JoJo and Payaso who have served so faithfully and generously, that it’s time we want to give back to them! Meet these faithful and loving companions.


Owned and Loved by: Helen Woodward Animal Center


Description of horse: JoJo is a 13.2 hands high pony of mixed heritage.  His chestnut coat is flecked with white, reflecting his 30+ years.  He also has a white stripe down his long face.

History: JoJo had been a lesson horse at many riding schools throughout San Diego County before joining our Therapeutic Riding program.  He worked successfully with the Center until he was adopted out to a family five years ago, along with fellow therapy horse Prince.  The current economic recession has hit many families very hard, however, and JoJo’s was no exception.  They were forced to return both JoJo, being unable to care for him any longer.  JoJo has some vision impairment which leaves him unsuitable to be ridden.  However, he is sociable and affectionate, and would make a wonderful companion for a loving family. He loves carrots and being scratched on his shoulders!


Owned and Loved by: Helen Woodward Animal Center


Description of horse: Payaso is a 25 year old retired polo pony.  Polo ponies are often a mix of many breeds, including Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred.  Payaso is a tri-colored paint horse who stands 15 hands tall.

History: Payaso came to our program with his buddy, Presidente, about 3 years ago.  Both had been polo lesson horses in Lakeside.  Payaso is fun and playful, living up to his name, which means “clown” in Spanish.  He is also extremely dependable, however, and would often be the first horse a rider would test their independence on without a leader attached.  After almost 3 years in our program, an aggravation to an old polo injury required a long lay-up.  The staff agreed that Payaso would now be happier in his forever home, where he could receive lots of love and attention from one family.  He is recovering well from his injury, and is sound at the walk and trot and would be a great trail horse because of his personality. He loves playing with other horses, getting attention from people of all ages, and loves all kinds of treats. He has picked up “clicker training” very easily and loves all kinds of interaction.

JoJo and Payaso can’t wait to find their new forever families. If you are looking to open your home, barn, and heart to a horse, please consider adopting one of these amazing equines.

All potential adoptive homes must complete an application, provide references, and have site-visits by HWAC staff before an adoption is approved.  If you are ready to open your heart and home to one of these very special horses, please contact the Therapeutic Riding Program at HWAC, 858-756-4117 ext. 321 or send us an email!

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