Wordless Wednes-neeiiiiigh!

Okay, not so ‘wordless’ today since this obviously requires a little explanation! This is one of three miniature horses at Helen Woodward Animal Center… her name is Snacks! Snacks, as her name suggests, likes to eat, so we make sure to keep her trim and away from the… well… away from the other snacks. But how do you weigh a mini horse? We use our dog scale! Works great! She just strolls inside like she owns the place for her weigh in every couple of months. As of today, she weighs just over 290 pounds.

Snacks especially loves to meet kids at Critter Camp! She’s pretty excited about February’s Critter Camp next week. She feels like a superstar when she meets all the kids! And she looks like one, too.

Are you looking for a camp for summer or a summer program in San Diego? See what Critter Camp is all about!


8 responses to “Wordless Wednes-neeiiiiigh!

  1. Critter camp does sound exciting. My Golden Retriever loves to go to day camp. It’s sort of like a whole day at the dog park, with a short nap in the middle. Awesome!

    I hope Snacks has fun….and that he gets a furever home one day.

  2. Hey again Carrie!

    Actually, Critter Camp is a camp for children of all ages. They come for a week at a time and learn about all sorts of animals and get to meet many of them, too. We actually have a ton of other animals in our Education and Pet Encounter Therapy who reside here and aren’t looking for adoption like: snakes, birds, reptiles, miniature horses (like Snacks), goats, sheep, bunnies, guinea pigs, and even insects, too. Personally, I like the walking stick bugs, they are pretty neat.

    Does that help clarify? Part of our mission is teaching children humane education, too, so that’s why we have that department a well.

    If you want to know more, here’s the site: http://www.animalcenter.org/education

    I appreciate your comments!! Please give your goldie a pat for me! 🙂


    • They would need to be very small children! But no, Snacks is too small for riding. However, she helps teach children about herbivores, herd animal behavior, and kids even learn the difference between mane hair and fur! They really enjoy grooming her!

  3. Um, I would give up all my snacks if I could pet Snacks right now … and I really like my snacks.

    Is there a Critter Camp for adults?!

    -Chandra at Daley’s Dog Years

    • Mmmm… yes, I love my snacks, too! Especially the cookie variety!

      When we give tours to children and their parents, or teachers, or scout leaders, adults are always welcome to tag along. Sometimes, I’m not sure who enjoys meeting the animals more… the kids or the adults! 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by, Chandra!


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