Saluki-Coonhound dog is perfect boutique greeter

‘Take an Orphan to Work Day’ is an event at Helen Woodward Animal Center where anyone from a local business can come in and give an orphaned dog a ‘daycation.’ You might have read about Beth’s daycation at CBS News 8 San Diego. She was adopted that same day! Through events like these, you can show family, friends and co-workers just how great orphaned animals are. Heck, you might even play match-maker!

Would you like to take an orphaned dog to work with you? First, make sure it’s okay with your boss for you to bring an orphan pooch from Helen Woodward Animal Center to work. And make sure that it’s okay with your co-workers. This needs to be a win-win situation for everyone.

Second, don’t worry about anything! We provide everything you and your new friend will need for a successful day. C’mon, what’s the worse that can happen… you may fall in love with a furry new friend?

If you’re interested in bringing an orphan dog to work with you, call our Adoptions department at 858-756-4117, ext 1, and ask about the ‘Take an Orphan to Work Day’ program.  We will answer any questions you have and walk you through the process.

Read about Kailee’s awesome day…

Who knew Saluki-Coonhound blends would be so good at helping out in a retail boutique? Kailee proved it this Wednesday when she took her ‘Take an Orphan to Work Day’ daycation to Muttropolis, Solana Beach, a boutique specializing in pet food, supplies, and clothes.

She greeted clients (two-legged and four-legged clients, that is), made treat suggestions, and inspired smiles and tail wags to all she met. The only thing Kailee couldn’t do is fold sweaters, but you need opposable thumbs for that.

Her co-worker and daycation-giver, Paige, said she was the perfect greeter for Muttropolis, “She greeted every person who came in, leaning her head on their legs like a sweetheart. Later in the day she got more comfortable and started playing with all the dogs that came in. For lunch we took a walk down Cedros… several people stopped to give her a pet and commented on how beautiful she is! Everyone wanted to take her home!

We created a Flickr gallery of photos of Kailee’s daycation as a workin’ girl. You can view it here!

Kailee is now back at the Center and looking for her forever family! You can see her adoption profile here. Are you the one Kailee has been looking for?

We want to give Muttropolis a big thank you for giving Kailee a great day!

For more information about ‘Take an Orphan to Work Day,’ visit or call 858-756-4117!


2 responses to “Saluki-Coonhound dog is perfect boutique greeter

  1. Hi Y’all,

    We need to encourage more programs like this across the country.

    Spreading the news to your local shelters would encourage them to work with local businesses to promote adoptions.

    The problem is that in many rural shelters dogs were not well trained by owners. Many farm families never have a furry critter in their house, so animals are not housebroken or litter trained (cats). Many rural dogs have never seen a leash, much less walked on one.

    More programs to train shelter dogs need to be promoted in correctional institutions for adults and youth.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

    • Hey Hawk/Browndog!

      We’re happy to help organizations promote these programs as much as we can. We have found it’s helpful to have a couple local businesses that are really on board with this program and are also savvy with social media to promote it (utilizing Facebook photo galleries, blogs). Are you interested in showing it to animal welfare organizations in your area?


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