Boxer puppy finds love at news station

Puppies make the best television celebrities… Beth is no different! Beth is a cool and mellow boxer blend puppy who got to visit CBS News 8 San Diego for a ‘daycation’ away from Helen Woodward Animal Center. They even documented her heart-melting journey through the staff… Watch below as Beth melts hearts left and right! (She’s a real pro at being cute.)

Licks and kisses for the staff at News 8!

As Beth made the rounds that day, she was pronounced a new ‘News 8 family member!’ Little did we know how true those words would be later that day… You see, while she was out melting the hearts of staff members with her unconditional love, someone saw her and fell in love. Kurt Campbell, an engineer for News 8, knew from the moment he saw her that she was destined to be his new family member.

See Kurt and Beth meet for the first time!

Kurt returned to the Center, filled out an adoption application in record time and before the afternoon was over, Beth and Kurt became a family.

With hearts full of joy, we wish Kurt and Beth a happy life together. (And we want updates, too, we miss her!)

What happened at News 8 San Diego is exactly what ‘Take an Orphan to Work Day’ is all about. By bringing an orphan dog or puppy to work, you enhance their day by giving them a fun ‘daycation,’ but you also bring awareness to friends and co-workers how great these animals are. And you never know, you might play matchmaker and help find that orphan a forever family!

First, make sure it’s okay with your boss for you to bring an orphan pooch from Helen Woodward Animal Center to work. And make sure that it’s okay with your co-workers. This needs to be a win-win situation for everyone.

Second, don’t worry about anything! We provide everything you and your new friend will need for a successful day. C’mon, what’s the worse that can happen… you may fall in love with a furry new friend?

If you’re interested in bringing an orphan to work with you, feel free to go to, or call our Adoptions department at 858-756-4117!


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