We had room at the inn for this homeless mom

Mary was, “very pregnant” when she arrived at Helen Woodward Animal Center on December 23. She was found lying on a pile of straw in a barn in Los Angeles County. This morning there is, “room at the inn” for Mary and the nine newborn puppies that she delivered on Wednesday night.


“Mary appeared to be having contractions when she was transferred to the Center by a Los Angeles County pet rescue organization one week ago,” says HWAC spokesman John Van Zante. “In fact, we wondered if she might even have her puppies in the van before we could get her into a kennel with clean, warm blankets!”

Adoptions Manager LaBeth Thompson says, “We were told that she had been found lying in a pile of straw in a barn. The Rescue group was not able to provide the care that an expectant mommy dog needed, so they brought her to HWAC. Fortunately, even though our kennels are full, there was room at the inn.”

Visit Mary’s Flickr gallery for more photos!

Mary is a black and white Terrier-Collie blend believed to be about three years old. Her newborn babies are various colors. Early examinations indicate that Mary and all nine puppies are doing well.

“There was sort of an unspoken buzz in the air about Mary,” says Van Zante. “There were too many similarities for us to ignore. An expectant mother found lying in the straw on the floor of a barn just before Christmas. Her rescuers realized that they couldn’t provide the care she needed, so they wisely found someone who could.”

Mary and her puppies will not be available for adoption for several weeks, but there are many other orphan dogs and cats that need families right now.

If your family is planning to get a new pet, do you want it to start 2011 behind bars? Our kennels will be open 11 to 4 New Year’s Eve and from 11 to 6 on New Year’s Day.


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