Need a date for New Year’s Eve?

Wait a minute! Since when did Helen Woodward Animal Center facilitate dates? Well, actually, ever since 1972, we’ve been “match makers” for many individuals, couples and families.

We’ve reviewed all the news and reviews this winter and the hottest dating news for 2011 is: legs. Yes, we said “legs!” The more legs the better. In fact, our survey says that all the hottest dates have four legs, to be exact.


Are you looking for the “outdoorsy” type? We’ve got a great match for you! Shey is a great at walking, running and hiking. She’s perfect for those New Year’s resolutions, too, since you’ll have your very own exercise partner! Want to see her strut her stuff: watch this:


Maybe you’re the more mature type that likes to snuggle? We’ve got someone with four legs who is perfect for you! Boots is a mature and sassy gal who is always dressed in the finest feline couture. She enjoys napping with those she loves and distinguished conversation over some catnip. Want to see her purrfect style?

We have four-legged friends of all personalities and types who are waiting to be your perfect dates at Helen Woodward Animal Center. You still have time! We will be open from 11:00am-4:00pm on New Year’s Eve and our regular hours of 11:00am-6:00pm on New Year’s Day. Start your year off right with a new four-legged friend!


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