Waking up with a stranger

Iams Home 4 the Holidays

They’re only strangers for a short time.

Then they become our best friends.

More than 657-thousand orphan dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and various other critters woke up in new homes, having been adopted during the first ten weeks of the 12th annual Iams Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption drive.

You want some Christmas controversy? CATS ARE TAILING DOGS!

It’s not even close! Is this a political conspiracy? Is it the Demo-cats? The Re-pup-licans? Who’s responsible???

  • 53.5% of the Home 4 the Holidays adoptions reported this holiday season are dogs and puppies!
  • Only 44.4% are cats and kittens.
  • The other 2.1% are bunnies, guinea pigs, snakes, lizards, parrots, ferrets, and various other critters. (Sorry. No reindeer reported.)

Some more Christmas cuteness: Iams Home 4 the Holidays representatives will ring the closing bell on the New York Stock Exchange on December 23rd with orphan pets from, “Bideawee” in Manhattan, New York. Will NYSE stop in its tracks for a cute puppy? We think so!

Iams Home 4 the Holidays continues through January 3rd. If you want to add to the tally of changed lives this year, feel free to find a participating animal organization near you at www.animalcenter.org.

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