16 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. ZZzzZZzzzzZZZzzz!!!! So precious. Do they snore? LOL They both look like little angels.

    is there more info on them? Are they colts or fillies (or did I miss reading that somewhere)? What breed? How did they come to need new homes?

    • Hey Chrystal! Sunny and Angel came to the Equine Center because twin foals are extremely rare and, most times, quite dangerous to the foals and their mother. Their mother’s name was Lena and her owner did not know she was carrying twins! Within hours of their birth they were rushed here and were under the care of our Equine Hospital for many months. After all that time, they all flourished and everyone is healthy and happy! (They also had their own 24/7 live streaming web cam!)

      Lena, their mother, was a full quarter horse, and their father is a full arabian. So, Sunny and Angel are half of each. They are privately owned, so they were not needing new homes.

      There is a fabulous group of fans on Facebook called “Lena’s Foal Fanatics” if you want to find out more information! They are a great group of people and very rich in knowledge on this subject.

  2. Um, we think they’re passed out from the sight of their own cuteness! So happy to know they’re healthy and thriving. Thank you Equine Center!

  3. Missing “our” kids but hope they are finally running free and kicking up their heels. They must be getting tall. When we see them again, they will be very different. They are so gorgeous!

  4. Sunny and Angel the famous miracle babies! It’s been a wonderful experience and thank you HWAC and Equine Hospital for sharing them with us. Hugs and kisses to both.
    Love to have more updates video, photos of them…..our christmas wish from the LFF.

  5. We miss them so much! I’m with Laura: my LFF Christmas wish is to see current pictures/videos of the kids.
    Thank you for this first precious picture!

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