Give Thanks to Animals

Can thankfulness be measured in a tail wag? A playful pounce? A doggy smile? A kitty nudge? It does. We see it every day.

Thankfulness was in Stanley’s grateful kisses the day he came to the Center. He was nearly starving from being abandoned in his owner’s foreclosed home for over two weeks. After TLC and healthy meals, he became strong enough to find his forever home.

Although shy and timid, Caramel was thankful for the extra care and love that was given to her after being found, lost like forgotten luggage, on the tarmac of a small airport. Even though one of her ears had been cruelly cut, she found the strength to trust and love again.

If not for the support of fans, volunteers, and donors of Helen Woodward Animal Center, Stanley and Caramel would not have a chance to be thankful for their second chance at a life with a loving forever family. This Thanksgiving, we are thankful for you and the beautiful orphaned animals we have rescued.

Our staff and volunteers are thankful for the special animals in their lives, too! Check out the Staff and Volunteer Animals of Helen Woodward Animal Center. (They’re a pretty handsome bunch!)

Our Volunteers’ Furry Friends Board!

The Staff Furry Friends Board!

We also asked why you, our awesome fans, were thankful for animals this year. We got some pretty great and touching responses.

Michelle says, “I’m so thankful for my dog Toby. He’s gotten me through some rough times, and helped me find a career path I absolutely love. I’m not sure if I could’ve gotten through my previous job without being able to come home to that little tail wagging, and a happy face to greet me.”

Jill told us, “I don’t know WHERE to begin! I have 4 little furry children that I am truly grateful for: Bailey (Versai), whom we adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center in August, 2002, [then] Yasmine in June, 2010. They are all truly the loves of my life. They’ve helped me get through the loss of a couple of dear family members & friends. They know when I just need to have someone by my side… they ALWAYS make me smile.”

And finally, Susan says, “Last year, I had to have my 16-year-old cat, Chelsea, put down because of advanced kidney failure. I adopted Chelsea from Helen Woodward Animal Center when she was a kitten. She was known as “Black-and-White Cookie” there, because there was another Cookie in the cattery. The day I came to pick her up, it was announced over the intercom, “Please bring Black-and-White Cookie to the front desk. She’s going home.” She was a joy to me every day of her life, as are my other animal companions.”

We appreciate hearing all the stories on how animals have touched your lives. It is a privilege to share in the joy of finding your new best friend… thank you for sharing your lives with us this season. We wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving season!

Farley is thankful for his second chance at a life full of love. He’s looking for his forever home today!


2 responses to “Give Thanks to Animals

  1. We are thankful for the time that we shared with our 14 year old cat Elvis, who recently died. She was such a good friend to us and she had the most beautiful loud purr that I’ve ever heard. She was white with the most gorgeous blue eyes and she loved to snuggle with us. We miss her dearly. Rest in peace Elvis.

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