Thank you, Veterans and Active Military Personnel

Do you know about the canines that have served and continue to serve in the United States Military? It all began with Stubby…

A brief history from Connecticut’s Military website:

“In 1917, the French, Germans and others struggled with each other for control of France and Europe. In April of 1917. America finally entered the war and mobilized its National Guard forces.

It was around this time that Stubby wandered into the encampment and befriended the soldiers. In October 1917 when the unit shipped out for France, Stubby, by this time the “Unofficial-Official” mascot, was smuggled aboard the troop ship S.S. Minnesota in an overcoat and sailed into doggy legend.”

Stubby served, faithfully, with his regiment, as World War I progressed. He lifted the morale of all he met. Stubby was also wounded in battle a few times, but he always came through for his comrades. He was even given the title of Sergeant Stubby!

Stubby was given many honors after his service: General Pershing himself pinned a gold hero medal on Stubby’s jacket, he was made a mascot of a football team, and even the Grand Majestic Hotel lifted its ban on canine guests so Stubby could stay there while en route to one of his visits to Washington D.C.

Today, there are many dogs serving in our military. They do all sorts of jobs: bomb detector dogs, perimeter patrol dogs, scout dogs, and many other types of work. They work hard to keep our troops safe… and today, while we honor and remember the men and women who have served and made sacrifices to serve their country, we remember our canine companions, too.

There are even War Dog Memorials placed around the country to honor our faithful companions. This one is located in March Air Reserve Base in Riverside, Ca, and honors war dogs from all wars.

Today we are thankful for our veterans who have served in the military and active military personnel. There are so many sacrifices that men, women and their families make every minute of every day. We are humbled and grateful for those every day sacrifices.

Thank you for your service.

In loving memory: Lee Stewart and “Lucky”, 101st Airborne Div.

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