Rosie, pretty as a posie

Look at that winning smile!

When Rosie came to Helen Woodward Animal Center she was very, very pregnant. We were overjoyed when she gave birth to ten healthy, adorable puppies here. She was such a sweet mom. She was so patient as each day her puppies nursed and squirmed around her.

Rosie with her 10 puppies

Rosie’s pups grew up and thanks to our foster families, were fostered and socialized in loving homes. In fact, you might remember Rosie’s puppies in our PAWDRES video we did two weeks ago!

All of Rosie’s pups have found their forever families and now we’re excited to announce that it’s Rosie’s turn to find her home now.

Rosie is a Coonhound blend and weighs about 45 pounds. She is sweet and very loving and would love to find someone to drown with affection. Rosie now has been spayed, is up to date on all her shots, and has her microchip.

We hope you like the pictures and video of lovely Rosie and her beautiful pups. Stop by and visit Miss Rosie today.

The PAWDRES Pups, at only 2 days old

What a great momma!

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