Dear Cats, we know about the boxes

Pssst, hey you. Yes, you, the Family Cat! Come over here, we have something to tell you! Don’t let your humans see…

I think the humans are onto our secrets. They already know about how cat nip makes us silly and crazy, they already know clean and folded laundry is our favorite napping place, well, now they know about the boxes.

I promise we didn’t tell them! We found some pretty hard evidence on the Internet, though. Do these look familiar to you?

What are we going to do?!!?!! Wait… I know… I see a box right over there… let’s hide!


Does your cat like to nap in silly, confusing, or otherwise strange places? They’re not alone! We’ve heard all sorts of stories of where cats sleep: boxes, sinks, clean and folded laundry (that’s always a frustrating one!), pots or pans, bowls, or even flower pots.

Share your kitty’s favorite napping places in the comments below. Or better yet, we’d love to see links to pics of their favorite places, too! And if you’re looking for a feline companion, saunter on over to our Kitty Adoption Page.

And okaaay, here’s some more box pictures!

You can box it alone…

…or with a friend!

Uh, a little too small.

Ok, WAY too small!

Just right. I think…


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