Harvest Tours: the creepy, crawly, and… lovable?

Pumpkins greet you on the grounds of Helen Woodward Animal Center!

I just love walking over to the Education Department this time of year. There’s no other place like it! The trees are decked out with ghosts, smiling giant candy corns greeting you along the sidewalk… and the staff at the Education Department is always so excited to tell you about their newest, if not weirdest, guests.

And they are weird guests. I’m not sure if I could welcome them in my home, but our Education Department loves them. And they love to teach your kids all about them, too. Sure, they may look a little scary at first, but they are lovable, too! Our Autumn Harvest Tours are all about teaching them the real facts about creepy and crawly critters.

Meet Karen, a goliath bird eating tarantula. No joke, she does eat birds! However, she has the best costume trick we’ve ever seen…

Karen likes the dim red lights in our Harvest Tour cave!

She sheds her entire exoskeleton!

Yes, this is not a spider, but Karen’s old exoskeleton. Cooool!

Her neighbor is a scorpion. He likes it nice and dark.

Scorpions also like hiding in the dark. Ssshhh… maybe he’s napping…

Next to our scorpion-friend is a legless lizard. Most of him is covered under the shavings. He’s actually quite long!

Waiting eagerly to meet you!

We don’t want to spoil too many surprises, so that’s all I’m going to show for our sneak peek. We invite anyone and everyone with a heart for fall-time fun and a sense of adventure to our Autumn Harvest Tour at the Center.  There are tons more insects, amphibians and reptiles to meet, too. You don’t want to miss it!


4 responses to “Harvest Tours: the creepy, crawly, and… lovable?

  1. OK, this sneek peek might have been just a little too much for me. I’m sure Karen is quite charming, but I really prefer furry friends who are FOUR-footed, not EIGHT-footed! Thanks for making me shiver!

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