Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week

Earlier this month, our friends at Be The Change For Pets challenged a room full of pet lovers and bloggers to “Be The Change” for animals. The gauntlet was thrown at the BlogPaws West event, also where our President and CEO, Mike Arms, gave a moving keynote speech. It was so moving in fact that Pawcurious blogger, Dr. V., wrote a thoughtful (and funny) response to her experience for Mike’s key address.

The blogging challenge in question is the “Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week,” where ‘between Sept. 19th through Sept. 25, the Be The Change panel challenged bloggers to write about a less adoptable pet and help spread the word about these, as Dr. V puts it,seriously adoptable pets.”’

We can’t agree with Dr. V more!

We’re joining in that cause by challenging our readers, whether they belong to an organization or are just an animal-luvin’ individual, to share a link, a picture, or a story of a seriously adoptable pet with someone. It can be anyone: a friend, co-worker, family member, or even a perfect stranger you meet at the grocery store!

Don’t know how? You can check out BlogPaws, Be The Change For Pets Facebook, or to find out how to find these seriously adoptable pets to share.

The great thing? It’s already working. Read the story about how blogger, Sparkles The Designer Cat, helped Sophie find her forever family. Keep up the great work, everyone!


4 responses to “Adopt A Less Adoptable Pet Week

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  2. Thank you so much for helping get the word out about Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Week! We are really excited to have such a great response in the blogosphere!

  3. I adopted a “less than adoptable” dog, Chani, at Helen Woodward and she learned not to be afraid of children or men in uniform (she was ill-raised her first year by someone who should have known better). I got her to trust me, then others and she was the dearest dog in our neighborhood. When she died over fifty neighbors and friends donated a tree to our park and we all poured a cup of water on it to cherish her memory. Thank you, HWAC, no matter how many years of volunteering I did for you while in San Diego it’s not payment enough for Chani and Mickey the cat.

    • Thank you so much for your comment and story about Chani. I think she leaves a beautiful legacy with her tree in the park. It’s a beautiful testament that pets really are family and can make a difference in their communities, too!

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