Animal Hero: Piggy the Pit Bull

We’re proud to present today’s animal hero: Piggy the Pit Bull.

Piggy helps children at Shriner’s Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah. Piggy was hit by a car and paralyzed, but that doesn’t stop what she does best: spreading joy to children.

In an interview with KSL 5 in Salt Lake, Piggy’s owner, April Hollingsworth, shares how she feels about owning a dog that improves the quality of life for children at Shriner’s Hospital.

“I think if we’re lucky we have something to give the world to make people happy,” she says. “I feel some people can sing and that’s their gift, and some people have money where they can start foundations and that’s their gift. I have this great dog who spreads happiness wherever she goes, so I feel it’s as much my obligation as it is something that makes me really happy.”


On the heart-warming meter, we think Piggy rates a 10! (Our hearts are in puddles on the floor.) What an amazing gift she brings to kids. Good job, Piggy and April!


Click here to watch Piggy in action at Shriner’s Hospital. You’ll see what we mean about heart warming!

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