Guinness: A Dog That Helps Others

Guinness is a two year old Border Collie. He loves socializing with other dogs.

Meet Guinness! Guinness is a good ole boy in need of a forever home. Like all of our other pets, he is up to date on all his vaccinations, microchipped, and neutered. He loooooves long walks and working for treats.

Guinness also has another favorite activity: play dates with his canine friends. He loves to be “part of the pack” and play with any dog he encounters. In fact, he is so good with other dogs, we have partnered with Guinness to help other rescued dogs that need a little more TLC and socialization. He is a true pro at helping any dog feel calm and comfortable!

Guinness knows that there’s a forever home just for him. He would love to be able to play with other canines on a regular basis, or even belong to a family with other dogs. So, if your family already has a dog and are interested in a friend, Guinness is the right dog for you.

We’re thankful that Guinness came to us at the Center, not only has his life been saved, but he has helped improve the lives of other dogs just by being himself: a good companion and friend. Thanks Guinness!

Click here to view Guinness profile.

2 responses to “Guinness: A Dog That Helps Others

  1. Oh my!!! Guinness sounds like a little lovable wonder! I would adopt him in a second if I could!!! I adopted Mona from the Helen Woodward Center in April…. and she loves all the same things Guinness loves! She has been the BEST addition to my life and is sooooooo goooood and so much fun! She socializes with other dogs. loves to play, comes to work with me, loves my family and new friends, etc……. and is a forever grateful rescue puppy/ Dog. I adopted her at 1 year old after she was surrendered at Helen WOodward with 5 puppies, and and being in a rescue and the pound in Los Angeles….. 😦
    Helen Woodward is the best!!!! Go for it….. if you are thinking of adopting a dog!!! I bet Guinness is super special and awesome!!!! He is a cutie!!!!
    ~~~~ Tracy and Mona

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