Hello, Heat Wave!

Summer finally caught up with us, even on the coast! We’re keeping our pets cool and comfy with fans, shade, and lots of rest, as the heat wave continues. Remember our Heat Demo a few months ago? We proved that it can reach deadly temperatures in a parked car in just minutes. It’s never safe to leave a human or animal in a parked car. Let’s all remember to put that principle to work today as San Diego gets through this heat wave.

Yesterday, we brought out the van and the thermometer… just to give everyone a gentle reminder. By 11:30am, we topped out at around 132 degrees. WAY past the danger point!

It was about 80 degrees outside.

This was taken at 2:15pm. I think we maxed the poor thermometer out. And yes, that’s hot tea brewing on the dashboard, it’s THAT hot in there!

By 2:15pm, we maxed out the thermometer.

Please don’t leave your loved ones, furry or not, in the car. Even on a cloudy day, temps can soar to lethal limits.

We also asked how you guys are beating the heat with your pets on our Facebook page, and you guys have some great tips! Here are a few:

  • Annettia: Put a damp towel in the freezer for a bit, and then let my kitties lay on it.
  • Marilyn: We have “misters” in the horse stalls… keeps the horses comfortable… and me too when I’m cleaning them! 🙂
  • Catherine: We turn on the sprinklers and play fetch!
  • Donna: Kiddie pool filled with water is a big hit at my house.
  • Krysten: One of our dogs has really long hair so we get her shaved every couple months. She got her summer cut today actually!

Thanks for your ‘keepin’ cool’ ideas, everyone! Hope everyone has a great day and just keep on “chillin’.”


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