A Different Kind Of Tour

Hey there! How are you? Have you ever been to Helen Woodward Animal Center before? Well, no worries, you’re in the right place. We’re ready to go on a tour, but a very different kind of tour… we’re going to tour through what our dogs look for most: DOGGIE TREAT JARS.

Have a treat from Club Pet.

You might not realize this, but we have seven different and distinct departments that all function together. And each one of them luvs animals and their humans, too.

Let’s start over at Club Pet, your “home away from home” for your beloved pets while you travel. Club Pet’s jar is… huge. Yes, huge. I bet it can fill at least three boxes of doggie treats, but quite frankly, we never find out since we go through it so fast! This jar is obviously built for serious treat efficiency. We love to treat all our canine and feline guests like VIP’s. What says VIP more than tasty doggie biscuits?

Let’s walk over to Adoptions now. It’s very important to make a great first impression to our four legged guests, right? Take a gander at this lovely jar. Simple and elegant, but built sturdy and large for mass doggie treat consumption!

A jar that greets all our canine friends.

Not only do we love our animals, but we love our kids that come to our many Education programs. We teach children humane education for animals of all types. While I can’t seem to find a jar now… how about… a brain mold??


What?! Why’s that there? Well… with school starting up now, we know that fall is just around the corner. Did you know we hold an annual fall festival complete with a spooky Haunted House? We do! It’s super fun, plus kids learn about the creepy and cool insects and animals that we share the world with.

Our staff is also famously known for stashing treats at their desks. Just because we work at desks does not mean we spoil our doggy guests any less!

Take, for example, this lovely cat jar complete with a stylish fish handle. Great for those more posh doggy types.

Accounting’s Jar O’ Goodies

Or this jar. Oooh, we like it. Functional, simple, clean lines. Plus, it’s very important to see when we get low so we can fill ‘er up again!

Sleek and functional.

Aaah, now here’s the crème de la crème, a jar that doubles as sculpture! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, not only is this a jar shaped like a cat, you will also notice that she also has a tail. Not a mermaid, but a mercat!

Is it art or a cookie jar?

As you can see, we spoil our animal companions in so many ways! We really find joy in showing love to all the animals we receive, whether as guests, patients, or as orphans. In fact, there just might be an orphaned animal that is waiting for your love. We hope you’ll visit us again soon.

2 responses to “A Different Kind Of Tour

  1. Hi Helen Woodward Center!!!
    We love you!!! I am talking about me and my love, Mona, a Chihuhua blend, that I just adopted in April! I think your care for her before I adopted her contributes to the lovable and obedient dog she is today.
    She had a rough life, from what I understand, before being surrendered to your shelter with all of her puppies under a year old!
    She was a very lucky little puppy to have landed in your hands, and I am so grateful to have found her and have her in my life. I am a dentist and she comes to work with me every day, she is our official ‘Therapy Dog’ and loves to soothe our patients and sit on their laps during dental procedures if they choose. Everone adores her.
    She brightens my everyday, and many of my patients as well.
    I am so grateful to you guys and I hope to volunteer one day, or help in anyway needed in your Shelter!
    The treat jar is just one special part of your environment I am sure!
    Tracy Taddey & Mona Lisa….. 🙂

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