Everybody loves Bacon! (the polydactyl kitten, that is)

Meet Bacon! (Special thanks to Audra Scully for the picture)

No, we are not writing a blog about dinosaurs. Although the word “polydactyl” sounds kind of like one!

Polydactyl is actually the presence of an extra digit, either finger or toe. And in cats, it happens, too! Most cases of polydactyl cats come from the east coast of the United States, most specifically, New England. In fact, some people claim that it originated there. In most occurrences, polydactyl cats have no issues with their extra digits… sometimes it even helps their dexterity.

Did you know that there is actually a famous polydactyl cat owner? Ernest Hemingway was a huge cat enthusiast. Legend has it that Ernest Hemingway, while living in Key West, was given a polydactyl cat by a ship’s captain. (Polydactyl cats were considered lucky by sailors.) Today, descendents from that cat roam his home, which is now a museum. While humans are not allowed to touch the furniture, or any Hemingway memorabilia, the cats are allowed to sleep anywhere they like. They are, after all, family!

Ernest Hemingway seen here with one of his beloved feline family members.

Ernest Hemingway so adored his cats that he even erected a special drinking fountain just for them in his yard. If you visit Hemingway’s home, you can view and walk amongst the descendents of the felines he so loved.

Why are we so keen on polydactyl cats? Right now, we have our own little polydactyl kitten. His name is Bacon! Bacon lives with his sister, Eggs, and both are looking for their forever family. Bacon has six toes on each front paw. He’s an endearing little guy who loves to play and nap with his sister.

Check out Bacon’s own video, showing off his extra special trait: his toes.

Can’t you imagine it now? A fireplace, a chair, just you and Bacon and your favorite Hemingway novel… Come visit him today!


2 responses to “Everybody loves Bacon! (the polydactyl kitten, that is)

  1. Audra, your picture of Bacon is SO cute!! Your such a loving person. Dad would be so proud, he loved and cared for cats so much. Keep up the donations, give some in my name! Deirdre

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