Simons Says… I found a home!

Simon relaxing in a sunbeam at his foster family’s house.

He scratched and scratched and when the pain in his eye would not go away the tiny Siamese-blend kitten did the only thing he had not tried. He scratched it out. Now after surgery and two months in foster care, “Simon,” the one-eyed kitten, became available for adoption today. And boy, was there a crowd for him!

“Simon was found on May 16 with his mother and the other kittens in his litter,” says Helen Woodward Animal Center spokesman John Van Zante. “Unfortunately, all of them except Simon had died. When he arrived here Simon weighed less than one pound and he probably couldn’t remember a time when his eye had not hurt.”

Adoption Manager LaBeth Thompson adds, “In the following hours Simon went from cold and darkness to blinding lights, the sounds of a rumbling van, and fingers holding his face tight while a veterinarian examined what remained of his right eye. He was weak and frail. His eye still burned, but the pain became less and less each day. Then a pair of gentle hands lifted him out of a pet carrier and placed him on the ground in the sunshine.”

“Hello! I’m Simon!”

Thompson recalls, “Simon blinked his good eye in a sunbeam and tested the soft pillow that he was standing on. You could almost tell that, for the first time ever, he knew that he was safe.”

Van Zante says Simon’s exam before arriving at HWAC confirmed that he had actually scratched his own eye out, probably due to infection. “At first they considered putting him down because there was nobody to care for him after the surgery. Fortunately one of our HWAC foster care volunteers could take him. When Simon arrived at the Center on May 24th we determined that he was about 4 weeks old and barely tipped the scales at 14 ounces.”

Simon’s foster mom said he became a courageous and fun-loving little kitten. He enjoyed the neighbor kids, other cats, toys and laps. He also developed an addiction to sunbeams.

Simon, after his second eye surgery. He looks so grown up posing for his adoption photo!

We had a slurry of media covering little Simon’s story yesterday and today. As soon as the doors opened at 11:00am this morning, there was a line waiting to adopt little Simon. He had captured the hearts of so many!

Within the hour, an eager family found Simon and were glowing with pride as they went through the adoption process. Congratulations on finding your forever family, Simon! We will miss you, but are so proud! 

There are more photos of little Simon on our Flickr page! You can visit by clicking on the link on the right toolbar to view our photo stream, or simply click the link below.

Simon’s Flickr Gallery

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Simon on NBC San Diego, by Eric Page

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Simon’s Story featured on MSNBC


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